Solution 2: Use sensors in offline mode - Low cost datalogging

Starting point: No Seemoto gateways are around and sensor(s) can not connect to Seemoto network.


  • To start the measurements - insert sensor into it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger ON)
  • Put sensor into selected monitoring point– sensors measures temperatures and all data is stored into their internal memory (measurements in 5 min interval and there is memory for 1 month measurements.
  • To stop measurements - take sensor out of it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger OFF)
  • Take sensor to place where Seemoto gateway is around - All monitoring data is automatically transferred to Seemoto service.


  • Automated temperature recording, fulfills EN12830, GDP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 requirements
  • Seemoto monitoring reports
  • Report exports into PDF, excel and cvs data formats
  • SMS and/or email alert notifications from temperature excursions AFTER SENSOR ARRIVES TO SEEMOTO GATEWAY PROXIMITY
  • Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process
  • JSON data interface for integration