Solution 3: Mobile monitoring solution

Starting point: Mobile monitoring solution is needed. Seemoto gateway (TGG / EGW / MGW / WGW / DGW) is moved to monitoring premises, installed into central position and powered by using suitable power adapter. Gateway creates Seemoto network for sensor and collects all measurement data and transfers data to Seemoto service.


  • To start the measurements - insert sensor into it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger ON) and sensors join into Seemoto network formed by gateway(s)
  • Put sensor into selected monitoring point– sensors measures temperatures (measurements in 5 min interval) and data is send through gateway(s) to Seemoto service. Logging into the service is done using user's credentials.
  • To stop measurements - take sensor out of it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger OFF)


  • Automated temperature recording, fulfills EN12830, GDP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 requirements
  • Access to real-time data
  • Seemoto monitoring reports
  • Report exports into PDF, excel and cvs data formats
  • SMS and/or email alert notifications from temperature excursions
  • Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process
  • JSON data interface for integration
  • DGW only: Temperature(s) can be mapped to the display