Real-time monitoring / Fixed installation

Starting point: Monitoring tasks are done within same premises. Seemoto gateway (TGG / EGW / MGW / WGW / DGW) is installed into central position within premises and powered by using suitable power adapter. Gateway creates Seemoto network for sensor and collects all measurement data and transfers data to Seemoto service.


  • To start the measurements - insert sensor into it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger ON) and sensors join into Seemoto network formed by gateway(s)
  • Put sensor into selected monitoring point– sensors measures temperatures (measurements in 5 min interval) and data is send through gateway(s) to Seemoto service. Logging into the service is done using user's credentials.
  • To stop measurements - take sensor out of it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger OFF)


  • Automated temperature recording, fulfills EN12830, GDP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 requirements
  • Access to real-time data
  • Seemoto monitoring reports
  • Report exports into PDF, excel and cvs data formats
  • SMS and/or email alert notifications from temperature excursions
  • Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process
  • JSON data interface for integration
  • DGW only: Temperature(s) can be mapped to the display