Temperature mapping

Temperature mapping is a process, in which detailed temperature behavior of certain space (e.g. warehouse, room or cargo space) is analyzed. As a result of this process lower and higher temperature areas are known, suggestions for heating, cooling and handling of goods in these areas can be done and final monitoring points for continuous monitoring are selected.

Temperature mapping is generic requirement for both food and pharma cold chain monitoring. Typically the mapping is performed in 2-phases; summer and winter.


Installation of wireless sensors is extremely easy - no wiring needed at all. Sensors can be installed to any location in the warehouse easily. Gateway (and routers, if needed) are located to anywhere in the warehouse - only power socket is needed. 

Temperature mapping can be done automatically with Seemoto sensors on-line. Real-time operation enables adjustment of building automation during mapping process. It would be also possible to do temperature data collection without gateways as sensors automatically store temperature data into their memory if gateways are not in proximity.

Both temperature (TS) and temperature-humidity (THS) can be used. After mapping project it is possible to start continuous monitoring using selected monitoring points.