Warehouse monitoring

Seemoto is the perfect solution for any warehouse (and room/ building) monitoring purposes. The system provides users with access to real-time information, 5-year data storage, access to history data using various reports, alerting via email and SMS, alert/exception handling tools and alert reports - everything that is needed to meet requirements for temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals and perishable food.

The system also supports other monitoring parameters such as relative humidity, air pressure and switch data (on-off) for various needs.


Installation of wireless sensors is extremely easy - no wiring needed at all. Sensors can be installed to any location in the warehouse easily. Gateway (and routers, if needed) are located to anywhere in the warehouse - only connection to power socket is needed.

Gateways collect monitoring data from sensors automatically. All data viewing, reporting and data services are done using Seemoto  and it's interfaces. If, for some reason, the gateway fails to send data to Seemoto  e.g. due to power shortage, mobile network and/or internet connection problems , then battery operated sensors automatically buffer and store monitoring data into their memory until communication through gateways to Seemoto service is normal again.