Wireless temperature monitoring system for Hospitals and Laboratories

Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring solution is an automated system for all temperature monitoring in hospitals and/or laboratories. Operates 24/7 providing real time temperatures and alerts of any storage or delivery of temperature sensitive products eg. medicines, blood products, laboratory samples....

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Choose a wireless, fully automated and user-friendly Seemoto temperature monitoring system for Hospitals and laboratories


Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring complies with global EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 regulations and reduces risks of non-compliance and product loss in Healtchare Industry.

Comprehensive service

Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring can be utilized in fridges, freezers and other storage environments, shipments, deep freezers,  incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks and many other places.

Easy to use system 

Seemoto 24/7 real time monitoring system is portable and scalable as needed and can be installed in minutes. The system operates in fully automated mode and stores data for 5 years as standard. 

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution for Hospitals and Laboratories

Seemoto cold storage monitoring

Cold storages, refrigerators

All refrigerators, freezers and other cold storage environments and their temperatures can be easily monitored with wireless sensors e.g. pharmaceuticals, blood products, laboratory samples, etc. The fully waterproof (IP68) Seemoto TS sensor operates in all temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. 

The comprehensive, end-to-end solution includes all the necessary IoT devices, data transfer solutions and internet based data services with the following features:

  • Access real-time and historical information
  • Standard 5 years of data retention
  • versatile user and user role management
  • Alert system with built-in exception handling tool. Alerts with email, SMS and/or Teams integration
  • Easy-to-use multiple reporting options
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Temperature monitoring for hospitals, ambulances and laboratories

Temperature sensitive shipments

Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring sensors can be installed in any temperature sensitive shipment in a hospital eg. pharmaceuticals and / or laboratory sample shipments. There are several optional services available:

  • TS-Loggers with manual switches for occasional shipments
  • Fully automatic system with continuously active measuring TS sensors and an intelligent backend system that automatically detects departure/arrival times based on location of sensors
  • Flight Loggers for air freight shipments
  • Data integration with laboratory management ERP system via API
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Seemoto Deep freezer monitoring

Deep freezers

Seemoto also provides other monitoring capabilities e.g. monitoring of deep freezers, incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks and other other specialized equipment. Multiple parameters are supported in same service in addition to basic temperature and humidity e.g.:

  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters; relative humidity, CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10
  • Clean rooms environment monitoring; IAQ parameters and differential pressure measurements
  • power measurements and total energy consumption of electrical equipment
  • Also other parameters available based on request

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Seemoto Vehicle monitoring and tracking

Vehicle monitoring & tracking

Seemoto devices can also be installed in any vehicle, such as ambulances and delivery trucks. The GPS enabled DGW gateway device with wireless temperature sensors is an excellent choice for monitoring the temperatures of pharmaceuticals and blood products transported in ambulance. Temperatures are displayed directly on the DGW screen and all data is collected automatically on back-end servers for permanent data storage. The system can be installed in vans that transport laboratory samples from heath centers to a central laboratory. The advantages of the system are:

  • Portable, can be installed in minutes
  • Reliable and secure
  • Modular and expandable
  • Optional GPS tracking and route reporting
  • Optional DGW can show temperatures on it's own screen
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Customer Stories

Askel Healthcare Oy

Seemoto reference Askel Healthcare

Askel Healthcare was founded in 2017 after a decade of scientific research by its founding members in the fields of cell biology, materials science, orthopedics and tissue engineering. The goal is to find the best possible solution for the treatment of damaged cartilage. Askel Healthcare utilizes Seemoto's services to ensure the highest quality of it's products and processes.

“Seemoto temperature and humidity monitoring is an efficient way to monitor storage conditions. The system is easy to use, and it guarantees the proper operation of our storage facilities and equipment."

Laura Johansson

Production Manager

Askel Healthcare

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IoT Monitoring System for Hospitals and Laboratories 

The Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring system works 24/7 automatically, reliably and securely by collecting all temperature data from hospitals and laboratories. The system consists of wireless sensors that take measurements and then transmit all the information to the Seemoto cloud service through gateways. 

The most common measurement parameters are temperature and relative humidity, but other parameters are also supported and used. The user can access all real-time and historical data by logging in to the Seemoto online service either on a PC and a web browser, tablet or mobile device with the Seemoto Android / iOS app.

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Fulfills regulatory requirements for temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products:


- FDA cfr 21 part 11

- EN12830


Install in minutes and view reports where needed - with laptops, tablets & mobiles

Devices that communicate wirelessly mean easy portability and scalability

Fully automated operation with accurate, factory calibrated sensors

Data archiving and storing - 5 years as standard


Alerts by email and/or SMS

Built in alert handling process & alert reports (management of exceptions)

Live report updates  and datalogging

Measures every 5 minutes (configurable variable up to measuring once per minute)
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