About Seemoto

Seemoto is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution that utilizes and connects various sensor devices to flexible web-based service platform. It is widely used by pharma and food industry stakeholders that are using it to monitor warehouses, cold storage devices, vehicle fleets and shipments - in multiple countries in five continents.

Seemoto consists of wireless sensor devices, that monitor/sense their environment and communicate the collected data wirelessly to a gateways (/sensor hubs) nearby that forward the data to Seemoto cloud service. The most comman monitoring parameters are temperature and relative humidity but also other parameters have been implemented. Access to real-time and history data of connected assets is provided by internet browser based user interface with intuitive UI and versatile reports .

Check this Seemoto -video from Youtube

Seemoto Cold Chain Solutions video shows how automated monitoring of temperatures and vehicle GPS tracking can be implemented with Seemoto. Easy web-based access to measurements, routes, deliveries, and alert history. All data collected automatically - without any human effort.