Automatic temperature monitoring solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharma wholesalers and pharmacies

Seemoto's temperature monitoring solution safeguards pharmaceuticals 24/7 by automating temperature monitoring throughout the supply chain, including all storage and transportation environments. The solution meets all regulatory requirements and is suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies and other companies that store medicines.

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Choose a Regulatory-Compliant, Cost Efficient and Trusted Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring Solution


Seemoto pharmeceutical cold chain monitoring system complies with global EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 regulations and  reduces risks of non-compliance and product loss in Pharmaceuticals Industry. 

Comprehensive service

Seemoto cold chain logistics system saves working hours for more productive tasks by automating monitoring tasks in the areas of cold storage monitoring, shipment monitoring & tracking, warehouse monitoring, vehicle monitoring & tracking, temperature mapping and deep freezer monitoring.

Easy to use system

Seemoto is portable and scalable as needed and can be installed in minutes. The temperature monitoring system operates in fully automated mode and stores data for 5 years as standard.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Pharmaceuticals

Seemoto Cold storage monitoring

Refridgerators and other cold storages

With Seemoto cold chain logistics sensors all cold storage devices can be easily monitored; fridges, coolers, cold rooms and even freezers. Fully waterproof (IP68) TS-sensor operates in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • History data using various reports
  • Alerting via email and sms
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Seemoto Shipment monitoring & tracking

Shipment monitoring & tracking

Seemoto wireless sensors can be installed to any shipment like pharmaceutical and laboratory sample shipments. Service includes:

  • Various options for monitoring
  • Automatically generated departure/arrival timestamps
  • Combining data with other systems e.g. customer ERP system
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Pharmaceuticals monitoring with Seemoto

Warehouses and storage areas

Seemoto cold chain logistics system offers everything that is needed to meet requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring in warehouses. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • Access to history data using various various reports
  • Alerting via email and SMS, alert/exception handling tools and alert reports
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Seemoto Temperature mapping

Temperature mapping

Seemoto sensors detect lower and higher temperature areas enabling  improvements for heating, cooling and handling of goods. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • Typically the mapping is performed in 2-phases; summer and winter.
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Seemoto Deep freezer monitoring

Deep freezer temperature monitoring 

Seemoto can provide several solutions for deep freezer monitoring down to -196°C

Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • History data using various reports
  • Alerting via email and SMS, alert/exception handling tools and alert reports
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Seemoto Vehicle monitoring & tracking

Vehicle monitoring & tracking

Wireless sensor devices are easy to install to any truck, trailer, delivery van and even terminal storage areas. Service includes:

  • Portable, can be installed in minutes
  • Cost optimized solution for temperature registration purposes
  • Full-featured solution with real-time data and alerts
  • GPS tracking and route reporting
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Customer Stories

Signia Logicstics

Seemoto reference Signia Logistics

Signia Logistics is a Logistic Operator and a division of the Hersil group, with more than 30 years of experience in the pharma industry in Peru. It is one of the largest pharma 3PL (third party logistic operator) with more than 40,000 positions at different temperature conditions across its 5 distribution centers.


One of the main challenges of the Signia is not only to keep the right temperature in their warehouses but to comply with different requirements such as Good Storage and Distribution Practices as well as national and international quality audits.

"Signia has been using Seemoto to monitor our several warehouses and cold rooms since 2014. By using Seemoto we have the guarantee that our products are kept within the required temperature range, and in case of an excursion, it sends SMS alerts and emails to key personnel to manage the deviation. In addition to that, due to their data management and security validated against FDA CFR 21 part 11 we comply with national and international quality audits performed by clients and national authorities.  Finally, Seemoto’s web is really easy to use and it allows us monitor the temperatures of our warehouses in different locations in real time and download easy-to-read reports.”

José Porras

Instrumentation and Control Engineer

Quality Assurance Department

Signia Logistics

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Orimattila Pharmacy

Seemoto reference Orimattila Pharmacy

Nearly 400 Finnish

 pharmacies including Orimattila Pharmacy rely on Seemoto services.The temperature monitoring of the Orimattila Pharmacy is carried out entirely by Seemoto: The pharmacy monitors

its main and secondary pharmacy temperatures at a total of more than 20 temperature measuring points. In addition

to the monitoring in pharmacy premises Seemoto also monitors the temperature of pharmacy's transport units and

pick-up machines.

"Seemoto allows temperature monitoring to be very easily controlled and we see the situation of all measuring points in real time at a glance. Alerts also come to our attention quickly, allowing us to intervene immediately. We regularly deliver dialysis fluids home to the customer and thanks to Seemoto, we know exactly what temperature our transport car is at, also in wintertime."

Meri-Susanna Jänönen


Orimattila Pharmacy

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Seemoto System

Seemoto temperature monitoring system for Pharmaceuticals consists of wireless sensor devices, that monitor their environment and communicate the collected data via gateways that forward the data to Seemoto cloud service. The most common parameters are temperature and relative humidity, but also other parameters have been implemented. Access to real-time and history data of is provided by an internet browser with intuitive UI and versatile reports.

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Fullfills regulatory requirements for monitoring

EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11


Install in minutes and view reports where needed - with laptops, tablets & mobiles

Portable & scalable as needed, even installed systems

Fully automated operation with accurate, factory calibrated sensors

Data archiving and storing - 5 years as standard


Alerts by email and/or SMS

Built in alert handling process & alert reports (management of exceptions)

Live report updates  and datalogging

Measures every 5 minutes (configurable variable up to measuring once per minute)
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