Transportation and logistics wireless temperature monitoring system solutions for pharmaceuticals and perishable foods

Seemoto temperature monitoring software system provides easy-to-install solution for all vehicles operating in pharma and perishable foods transportation and distribution. Wireless temperature monitoring system solution includes temperature measurement with temperature monitoring software and e.g. data logger device.

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Choose a Portable, Customizable and Trusted wireless temperature measurement system for Transportation and Logistics


Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring system complies with global EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 regulations and  reduces risks of non-compliance and product loss in transportation and logistics industry.


Seemoto solutions suit perfectly to various monitoring needs from low cost datalogging to full featured real-time temperature monitoring and tracking. Solutions can be customized for optimal usege on transportation and logistics solutions as well as for pharmaceuticals and perishable food solutions.

Easy to use system

Seemoto wireless sensor monitoring devices are easy to install to any truck, trailer, delivery van or terminal storage areas. The system operates in fully automated mode and stores data for 5 years as standard.


Seemoto Temperature Monitoring for Transportation & Logistics

Vehicle monitoring & tracking

Temperature monitoring for transportation   companies. Wireless sensor devices are easy to install to any truck, trailer, delivery van and even terminal storage areas. Services includes:

  • Portable, can be installed in minutes
  • Cost optimized solution for temperature registration purposes
  • Full-featured solution with real-time data and alerts
  • GPS tracking and route reporting
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Seemoto Warehouse monitoring

Warehouse monitoring

Seemoto offers everything that is needed to meet requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring in warehouses. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • Access to history data using various various reports
  • Alerting via email and SMS, alert/exception handling tools and alert reports
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Seemoto Temperature mapping

Temperature mapping

Seemoto sensors detect lower and higher temperature areas enabling  improvements for heating, cooling and handling of goods. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • Typically the mapping is performed in 2-phases; summer and winter
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Seemoto Retail home delivery

Retail home delivery

Seemoto provides temperature monitoring for food home delivery service using sample based or comprehensive monitoring method. Service includes:

  • Access to real-time information
  • 5-year data storage
  • Automatically generated departure/arrival timestamps

  • Combining Seemoto data to other systems e.g. ERP 
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Customer Stories

NopeaRide and Nopea Xpress, Zero emission transportation services (Nairobi, Kenya)

Seemoto reference NopeaRide



NopeaRide is a fast-growing taxi service that uses disruptive technologies and business models to provide fast, reliable and cost-efficient taxi services with electric cars. Pollution free vehicles and efficient logistics management enable sustainable option for increased traffic of multi-million inhabitants city of Nairobi and rest of Africa. 


Nopea Xpress is part of the NopeaRide service family. It is the first delivery service with 100% electric vehicle fleet in Africa that allow sending packets with clear conscience and zero emissions.


NopeaRide and Seemoto have been partners since the launch of the NopeaRide service. The NopeaRide fleet is equipped with Seemoto technology, which provides vehicle location, usage and route information to the NopeaRide service to support logistics operations.

We have been pleased to cooperate together e.g. in the field of innovation, where we have succeeded in expanding our range of services together with Seemoto. The cooperation has worked seamlessly and the goal is to utilize the latest technologies and innovations, thus creating unforgettable travel experiences for our customers.”​

Juha Suojanen

CEO and Founder

EkoRent Finland & Africa

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Kuljetusliike Jakopalvelu

Seemoto reference Jakopalvelu

Kuljetusliike Jakopalvelu Oy (Jakopalvelu) is an innovative and rapidly growing transport company, that has specialized in thermally regulated transports.


Jakopalvelu provides versatile transport services in the Tampere and Pirkanmaa region by transporting and distributing all kinds of goods from envelopes to pallets and from food to pharmaceutical products.


Services of Jakopalvelu are based on efficient enterprise resource planning, skilled personnel, modern transport vehicles and integrated IT systems. The Seemoto temperature monitoring system is an important part of the company's operations by providing real-time location, routes and temperatures of transports and thus safeguarding deliveries and the quality of delivered goods.

"Seemoto fully automates temperature monitoring tasks and has proven to be very reliable over the years. It is very easy to install and use, and it provides the necessary information to manage the fleet and operations."

Jyrki Tamminen



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Seemoto System

Seemoto wireless temperature monitoring system consists of wireless sensor devices, that monitor their environment and communicate the collected data via gateways that forward the data to Seemoto cloud service. The most common monitoring parameters are temperature and relative humidity, but also other parameters have been implemented. Access to real-time and history data of is provided by an internet browser with intuitive UI and versatile reports.

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Fullfills regulatory requirements for monitoring

EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11


Install in minutes and view reports where needed - with laptops, tablets & mobiles

Portable & scalable as needed, even installed systems

Fully automated operation with accurate, factory calibrated sensors

Data archiving and storing - 5 years as standard


Alerts by email and/or SMS

Built in alert handling process & alert reports (management of exceptions)

Live report updates  and datalogging

Measures every 5 minutes (configurable variable up to measuring once per minute)
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