Low-cost datalogging

Seemoto IoT system provides affordable solutions for low-cost datalogging by making it possible to use the sensors in offline mode. The regulatory-compliant service includes alerting handling tool and audit report - baseline for alert handling process.

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Seemoto TS logger

Seemoto TS data logger.

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Minimized costs for monitoring 

Automated temperature recording, fulfills EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 requirements

Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process

Solutions for using sensors in offline mode - Low cost datalogging

In low cost datalogging while starting the logging Seemoto gateways are around and sensor(s) can not connect to Seemoto network. 


  • To start the measurements - insert sensor into it’s bracket (or switch Seemoto data logger TS-logger ON)  
  • Put sensor into selected monitoring point– sensors measures temperatures and all data is stored into their internal memory (measurements in 5 min interval and there is memory for 1 month measurements.
  • To stop measurements - take sensor out of it’s bracket (or switch TS-logger OFF)
  • Take sensor to place where Seemoto gateway is around - All monitoring data is automatically transferred to Seemoto service.


  • Automated temperature recording, fulfills EN12830, GDP and FDA cfr 21 part 11 requirements
  • Seemoto monitoring reports for datalogger measurements
  • Report exports into PDF, excel and cvs data formats
  • SMS and/or email alert notifications from temperature excursions AFTER SENSOR ARRIVES TO SEEMOTO GATEWAY PROXIMITY
  • Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process
  • JSON data interface for integration

Seemoto System

Seemoto consists of wireless sensor devices, that monitor their environment and communicate the collected data via gateways that forward the data to Seemoto cloud service. The most common monitoring parameters are temperature and relative humidity, but also other parameters have been implemented. Access to real-time and history data of is provided by an internet browser with intuitive UI and versatile reports.

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Fullfills regulatory requirements for monitoring

EN12830, GDP, GMP and FDA cfr 21 part 11


Install in minutes and view reports where needed - with laptops, tablets & mobiles

Portable & scalable as needed, even installed systems

Fully automated operation with accurate, factory calibrated sensors

Data archiving and storing - 5 years as standard


Alerts by email and/or SMS

Built in alert handling process & alert reports (management of exceptions)

Live report updates  and datalogging

Measures every 5 minutes (configurable variable up to measuring once per minute)
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